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Writing an Abstract: Things to Keep in Mind

It’s abstract season, although, with the myriad of conferences to attend in the water industry, this may feel like a year-round occurrence. Every call for abstracts is a little different. In our call for abstracts, we include a link to a presentation about best practices. These tips are tried and true, but here are a few we thought were worth adding.

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Bridging the Gaps in Bridgetown: A Call for Abstracts


If you look closely, no two bridges are the same. Some may be very similar, but every bridge has a unique, subtle fingerprint. Each location connected by a bridge is different. Each person crossing a bridge has a different reason for doing so. There are many parts to a bridge and each is important to the structure. But what does it mean to be a bridge? We believe it’s about connection. As an organization, we strive to be a bridge for our members.

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Exhibitor Exclusive: PNCWA2018 Mobile Session Call for Presentations

Announcing PNCWA2018 Mobile Sessions! Be a part of the PNCWA Annual Conference exhibit floor mobile sessions – this year at PNCWA2018 in Boise.

These sessions bring PNCWA conference attendees to selected booths to hear and see technical and educational presentations combined with equipment or hands-on visuals. The Mobile Session Call for Presentations is open to any confirmed booth exhibitor who can address the technical subject matter appropriately. The Call for Mobile Session Presentations is online here or you may download it here. The Call for Mobile Session Presentations has the details and examples of abstracts and topics previously submitted for similar mobile sessions.

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