An Old Industry in a New Era: Business Opportunities for the Next 50 Years

The focus for the opening session and many of the technical presentations in the following days will be on how our industry can be creative, reevaluate our foundational strengths, and evolve to meet future challenges like growth, regulations, and a changing workforce. We’re especially interested in sharing knowledge throughout the conference related to improving our business practices, including how we operate our facilities, implement technologies, leverage our data, and plan for future investments. The Opening Session will start that conversation with the following guest speakers:

Keith Hirokawa, Professor of Law, Albany Law School
Keith Hirokawa will begin the keynote topic with a presentation on Watershed Governance as an Ecosystem Services Opportunity. He joined the faculty at Albany Law School in 2009 where he teaches courses involving environmental and natural resources law, land use planning, property law, and jurisprudence.

Holli Woodings, City Council member, City of Boise
Holli Woodings began her term on the Boise City Council in January 2018. She serves as the City Council liaison to Public Works, the Air Quality Board, the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), and co-chairs Energize our Neighborhoods. Holli served as a State Representative for District 19 in Idaho’s 72nd Legislature.

Jacqueline A. Jarrell, Operations Chief of Charlotte Water, Charlotte, North Carolina and WEF Vice President
Jackie Jarrell, P.E., is the 2017-2018 Vice President of the Water Environment Federation. Jackie will speak to the topic of An Old Industry in a New Era from both the WEF perspective and her own perspective based on many years serving in the industry.