Bridging the Gaps in Bridgetown: A Call for Abstracts


If you look closely, no two bridges are the same. Some may be very similar, but every bridge has a unique, subtle fingerprint. Each location connected by a bridge is different. Each person crossing a bridge has a different reason for doing so. There are many parts to a bridge and each is important to the structure. But what does it mean to be a bridge? We believe it’s about connection. As an organization, we strive to be a bridge for our members.

But, why?

We have over 1500 members who look to us to add value to their organizations and their professional development. Today, that is more important than ever. We work in this industry at a pivotal time – a generation about to retire; our infrastructure requiring massive replacement; a new workforce needed; drivers to deliver projects faster with fewer resources to higher standards. We believe, as an association and as conference organizers, we answer this call by being bridges for our members. The goal of our annual conference is to ensure we build connections between not only our members but also between our members and available resources. The PNCWA2019 call for abstracts is rooted in this idea of bridging gaps and we’re looking for submissions that demonstrate this through;


How can we bridge the gaps in our knowledge to transform and meet the challenges of the future? Where have you seen this done well? How can we learn from these examples and implement them into our own organizations? Teach us.


What bridges can we build with other industries to innovate and adapt? The water industry doesn’t function in a vacuum. Collaboration moves us forward every day. The Pure Water Brew Alliance is an excellent example of industries coming together to move forward a segment of the water industry. There are more examples out there. Share their story with us.


How can we bridge the gaps between engineers and the contractors for more efficient delivery? How can we ensure all of the right people are around the table? When have you experienced the impact of effective communication to get people on the same page moving towards a common goal, albeit, with different motives? Let’s learn together.


How can we build bridges for workforce development? What programs exist that are making people take a second look at the water industry? Where is water getting in front of new audiences to create a more vibrant, diverse workforce? We want to hear about it.

We need your stories.

We need abstracts that demonstrate bridging gaps and presenters that bridge the vast diversity of our industry.

Let’s bridge industry experience with co-presenters that span senior level with mid and entry level. Let’s not just talk about diversity, but demonstrate it with presentations between owners, consulting engineers, operators and/or construction contractors. Let’s use this collaborative approach to bridge lessons learned in project delivery.

Our industry faces significant challenges that require timely solutions. PNCWA wants to be the bridge that helps our members get there. An African proverb states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Every day, every American depends on our industry to provide clean water services. We’re not alone. Together—with our industry, our employees, and our communities—we can go far.

Be a bridge at PNCWA2019. Find the full call for abstracts here. Abstracts are due February 15, 2019.

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